NFSI Community Update - October 2022

Nov 17, 2022

by Mladen Nedimović , Graeme Cairns , Pascal Audet

Dear Friends,

October passed with us at the NFSI and Guralp making significant progress on how to proceed with further BOBS instrument retrofits and long-term (>3 month) testing at ocean basin depths in the Tyrrhenian Sea this coming winter. In parallel, we accelerated out planning for the 2nd NFSI workshop with international participation. At this point, we have established the workshop dates, May 22-26, and secured the boat for BOBS deployment and recovery training, and the lab and lecture room. In order to proceed, we need to gauge what is the interest out there for this workshop so that we can further develop the workshop program. Please note that while the scope of the workshop is to provide hands-on training in marine seismology to graduate students and postdocs, including BOBS instrument deployment/recovery, location on the seafloor, data collection, data processing, and survey planning, and while some priority is given to graduate students/postdocs from the NFSI, NSERC-CREATE iMAGE and PRODIGY, and NORRAM groups, we encourage anyone who is interested to apply as we have reserved a number of spots for external applicants. Here is the link to the 2023 NFSI Marine Seismology Workshop Call for Interest from: This form has a link to the preliminary workshop program. If interested, please fill in the form and submit it by December 15. We decided to run the BOBS training at sea from a small boat located in New Harbour, a picturesque little cove some 75 km south from Halifax, so that the workshop participants can see a bit of rural Nova Scotia coastline (see photos below).


Mladen, Graeme and Pascal

New Harbour collage