National Facility for Seismic Imaging

Supported by a partnership of 10 universities from across Canada, the NFSI operates state-of-the-art ocean-bottom seismometers enabling innovative research investigations across the world’s oceans, inland seas, and lakes in both passive and active source seismology. Based at Dalhousie University, our lab provides instrumentation and data preprocessing services worldwide, and maintains a repository of ocean-based seismic data.

News & Announcements

2023 NFSI Marine Seismology Workshop

The NFSI is hosting a week-long workshop at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, from May 22-26, 2023 in partnership with NSERC CREATE programs iMAGE and PRODIGY, and NOR-R-AM. The program will include lectures, hands-on data processing tutorials, NFSI lab and facility tours, and mock deployment at sea. Due to limited space, registration information has been sent to those who responded to our expression of interest in the fall, and will be made public in mid-February if there are spots remaining.