Software Packages

Find all of our software packages on our GitHub page. Individual packages are listed below with links to specific repositories.


OBStools is a package containing Python tools for processing broadband ocean-bottom seismic (OBS) data. Current functionalities include removing vertical component noise from tilt and compliance effects.


OrientPy is a toolbox to help determine seismometer orientation using automated (and manual) processing of earthquake data. These methods are particularly useful for broadband ocean-bottom seismic stations, but are also applicable to broadband land stations or shorter period instruments (depending on the method selected).


This module encompasses several tools for earthquake analysis written in MATLAB. It includes functions for hypocenter estimation, "triple difference" relocation, focal mechanism determination, and stress inversion.


Ro4ActiveSrc includes methods for estimating OBS orientation and position, and rotating horizontal components to radial/transverse directions using an algorithm which maximizes the radial/transverse absolute amplitude ratio of the direct water wave signals.