Mladen Nedimović

Project Director

Dr. Nedimović is a researcher who uses ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) and multichannel seismic (MCS) data to investigate mid-ocean ridges, oceanic crustal evolution, subduction zones, transform faults, and rifted margins, with over 30 years’ experience in academia and industry. He has been PI/co-PI and Chief/co-Chief Scientist on numerous MCS/OBS cruises.

Graeme Cairns

Facility Manager

Dr. Cairns has 30 years of international experience in marine electromagnetic methods, multiphysics data interpretation and managing technical teams. Following research positions with the CNRS and ODP, he moved to Schlumberger where as Chief Geophysicist for non-seismic methods he oversaw land and marine surveys, data analysis, and R&D activities. In 2017 he left Schlumberger to hike the Pacific Crest Trail before returning to his research roots with NFSI.

Katie Bosman

Marine Data Technologist

Katie has over 10 years industry experience in microseismic monitoring for the petroleum and mining industries, focused on algorithm development and data interpretation. Recently, she has also been pursuing an interest in web development. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering from Queen’s University, specialized in Applied Geophysics.