NFSI Community Update - October 2021

Nov 2, 2021

by Mladen Nedimović

Dear Friends,

The second batch of seven BOBS arrived last week without being kept at Customs Canada for checking. Despite this relatively fast pass through the customs and furious prep work by a truly amazing NFSI team, here we are on the deck of the R/V Strait Explorer in Port Hawkesbury in early November (see photos below) getting ready to do some deployment and recovery tests tomorrow in the shallow and sheltered waters of the Strait of Canso, before heading for the deep Laurentian Fan for the real thing, a long-term (year) deployment of our first 12 instruments. There are eight of us here making up the science/tech party: Phil and Ben from Guralp, and Graeme, Katie, Jonathan, Vernon, Tamara and myself from the NFSI. We will need a lot of luck and good enough seas to get this job done. And we will not know if the cruise is a success or failure until next Fall, when we will recover the instruments. But for now, we worry only about deploying the BOBS successfully. In other news, we heard that the New Zealand project was funded and we are looking forward to diverting some 20 of the new BOBS in that direction.



R/V Strait Explorer
Unpacking the OBS on deck
Attaching our contact info to the instruments
Attaching lifting frames