NFSI Community Update - May 2022

Jun 10, 2022

by Mladen Nedimović

Dear Friends,

In May we held our first workshop at the NFSI. Thanks to all those that managed to come and to our presenters Katie, Graeme, Pascal, Alex and Helen. We are now planning a much bigger workshop for the second half of May next year that will combine NFSI and NSERC Create iMAGE people, have a broader agenda, and include a lot of students and PDFs.

Significant progress has also been made on various other fronts. One of the three "fugitive" BOBS from the Laurentian Fan Project was captured offshore Azores by local fishermen in the second week of May. Graeme skillfully coordinated the operation using Google Translate to communicate with the fishermen in Portuguese (see photos below). We purchased one 40 foot container with double doors (front and back) and two 20 foot containers. They are currently being painted in white and will be delivered to COVE mid next week. In preparation for the arrival of containers, we signed a one year lease with COVE to store these containers there together with our instruments. 30 BOBS are also arriving mid-next week but we believe (fingers crossed) that they will be held up at the port/customs for a few days, just enough for us to get the containers ready to store them. Our ad for a Marine Instrument Technologist closed. We have many applicants and will be interviewing shortly. Our key priority now is scheduling ship time for the 2022 cruises.



Aquarius OBS suspended at the pier in Horta
NFSI contact information plate legible after 5 months drifting at sea
Fishermen of the Perola da Horta with recovered OBS