NFSI Community Update - March 2021

Mar 31, 2021

by Mladen Nedimović

Dear friends,

It’s hard to believe that another month has already passed. I expected to be able to report on the winning bid for the recovery devices, but it turns out that we need to wait another week or so. We also had to put out a second and improved tender for workstations and a data server, which closed yesterday. The committee will evaluate the bids next Tuesday.

A big thank you to Pascal Audet and Emily Roland for showcasing the NFSI at the Marine Seismological Symposium. Thanks also to those who spread the word to their HQP to sign for the NFSI newsletter. Both clearly had an impact as the number of people subscribed has nearly doubled during March. We also started compiling a list of other people that could be interested in the newsletter. Later in April we will send an email invitation to the list. Here we invite you to edit the google spreadsheet Katie made by adding any names. Here is the link:

Pascal asked if we could post an ad for one PDF and two PhD positions in his group. Katie created a new page within the Outreach pulldown menu called Opportunities and posted these ads. Here is the link to the ads: Please pass on to anyone in your group that may be interested and note that we are happy to post future ads. Just email with your request.

Funds from MEOPAR, originally given for a survey offshore Baffin Island and now redirected for BBOBS testing, must be spent this Fall. A survey with 12 BBOBS targeting the Grand Banks 1929 earthquake area with a recovery planned for early June 2022 is currently in the design phase. Another survey is also in the planning for the southern Queen Charlotte Fault area. Some 32 of our BBOBS were supposed to be deployed last summer as part of the NSF funded Queen Charlotte Fault project but the project was delayed to this summer due to Covid-19. Although the project is happening this summer with US BBOBS deployments in early September, we are still not in a position to have the Canadian BBOBS deployed. However, we are planning to use the ship time for BBOBS recoveries in early September 2022 to deploy for a year our BBOBS and that way complete the original US-Canada survey.