NFSI Community Update - June 2021

Jul 7, 2021

by Mladen Nedimović

Dear Friends,

It currently is hectic at the NFSI so this belated June newsletter will be short. On Thursday at 9am Halifax time we start with the acceptance tests for the first batch of 5 BOBS. These acceptance tests will go on until Monday afternoon and will be followed by up to a few days of sea trials offshore southern England, for which an appropriate boat has been booked and for which we are now scrambling to send Guralp a couple of sets of Xeos recovery devices. Guralp's current plan is to ship the first 5 instruments on August 6, with arrival date in Halifax set for August 16. The second batch of 7 BOBS will go through acceptance tests and shipping just a few weeks after the first batch. This is ahead of schedule for both batches, which is quite exciting as, should things go as planned, we will likely be in a position to deploy these 12 instruments in the general area of the Grand Banks 1929 Earthquake this October.

The purchased workstations and a data server from ITExpress have not arrived yet. The last update we got indicates that we should receive them sometime next week, a few weeks late.