NFSI Community Update - July 2021

Aug 6, 2021

by Mladen Nedimović

Dear Friends,

The acceptance tests for the first batch of 5 BOBS were completed, as were the first sea trials in shallow waters offshore England. Graeme and Katie reviewed the test data, we accepted the instruments, and they are currently being readied for shipping. We eagerly await their arrival sometime near the end of this month. Meantime, the four workstations and the data server have arrived and their installation is now close to being complete. Workstations are named blue, sei, fin, and right, with bowhead going to the server. By mid- to late-August, we expect to migrate our webpage and its contents (data/metadata/results/software/etc) to the new server. This will allow us to gradually add other existing data sets, as well as key documents that we are developing, like the User Guide and Instrument Request Form. Finally, Miao’s ninety-six 3C nodes arrived and are stored at the NFSI labs for future use (see attached picture). We will post technical info on these nodal stations along with the Instrument Request Form for field work. At some point, it would be useful to revisit the idea of developing a pool of land stations at the NFSI for general use through contributions from seismologists across Canada.



Dr. Miao Zhang with 3C nodal stations

Figure 1. Dr. Miao Zhang with his new 3C nodes at the NFSI labs.