NFSI Community Update - February 2022

Mar 8, 2022
Last updated Mar 8, 2022

by Mladen Nedimović , Graeme Cairns

Dear Friends,

Our operations at NFSI have been experiencing some delays, but keep moving forward:

  1. The batch 3 delivery of 10 BOBS is ready to ship. We have approved the test data and modified burnwire and hydrophone cabling, which now goes through separate connectors to eliminate the current leak that we believe was the cause of unscheduled surfacing. These mods will be applied to the batch 1 & 2 instruments, once we recover them.
  2. Shipping availability has become a challenge. We have therefore decided to combine the batch 3 (10 BOBS) and batch 4 (20 BOBS) deliveries into a single full-container shipment at the beginning of May. This is convenient on our end as it will dovetail with the availability of storage space (see 3 below).
  3. We have verbal agreement from COVE to host our containers with BOBS starting May 24, 2022, and are now following through on a lease agreement. COVE (Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship) is the hub of the region's ocean technology sector, combining industry and university groups, and with direct ocean wharf access.
  4. There have been delays in delivery of the latest batch of recovery devices from XEOS in Halifax, due to supply-chain issues which forced them to substitute components in their circuit design. This is now resolved and last week we received 20 sets of recovery devices for the BOBS, with another 20 due next week, so all together we will soon have 80 sets.
  5. The 30-instrument deployment in Baffin Bay we had planned with DRDC for September is looking increasingly tentative due to scheduling availability, although they are enthusiastic about collaborating with us. We are looking into alternative vessels contracted by DRDC as this survey is only possible with their support for the ship time.
  6. GAC-MAC is taking place from May 15-18 here in Halifax. We are taking this opportunity to run a one-day workshop at the NFSI on the 19th (Thursday). In addition to Halifax seismologists Miao Zhang and Alex Plourde, and us at the NFSI (Katie, Graeme, Mladen), we know that Yajing Liu, Pascal Audet, Fiona Darbyshire, and Qinya Liu will be present in person. We are still working on the agenda for that day but now we are thinking of having four 2-hour sessions on: (1) BOBS and acceptance test data, (2) software developed for data analysis, (3) a visit to the COVE site, and (4) brainstorming on possible future project proposals. We can have a zoom session open for anyone interested that is not on site, especially for the last session on future project planning. If interested, please let us know by writing to

Mladen and Graeme