NFSI Community Update - February 2021

Jan 4, 2021
Last updated Mar 8, 2021

by Mladen Nedimović

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Dear friends,

My apologies for sending this late. It took us a bit more time than expected to choose what we think is the best platform for sending out our newsletter.

February was super busy at the NFSI. The RFP for the BBOBS recovery devices closed and we completed evaluation of the received bids.  Justifications were sent to Dal Procurement and I expect to be able to report next month on the winning bid. The RFP for workstations and a storage server closed on March 1 and the committee is meeting on Tuesday to evaluate the bids.

We got a 3D model of our new Aquarius BBOBS and a couple of new photos of the instrument from Guralp. Pascal Audet and Emily Roland will showcase some of this during the Marine Seismology Symposium that is taking place online from March 8 to 19. I am attaching here a photo of the new Aquarius that follows our requested design. Only the recovery devices will change, which in this image is the part with the half glass sphere on top. Guralp’s original design, as shown, has a combined GPS beacon and LED flasher powered by the same battery source used for the rest of the instrument. We want independently powered recovery devices, and a greater variety, and this is why we are getting the recovery devices separately. In addition to the combined GPS beacon and LED flasher, we will also have a VHF radio beacon and a flag.

So far only one new person signed up for the NFSI newsletter, and this person is a sedimentologist from Dal. Therefore, I once again appeal to the Canadian members of various NFSI committees to please point their colleagues, postdocs, and graduate students to the NFSI web page ( in general, and the page where they can sign up for the NFSI newsletters ( Katie has created there a quick and simple signup. The only way we are going to have this facility survive for many years is if we build a community around it.

A big thank you goes to Honn Kao and Michael Bostock for depositing the SeaJade I and SeaJade II survey data with us.



OBS new design prototype