NFSI Community Update - December 2021

Jan 5, 2022
Last updated Jan 5, 2022

by Mladen Nedimović , Graeme Cairns

Dear Friends,

Beyond an additional OBS surfacing just before Christmas and Miao Zhang's team's successful recovery of all the 72 deployed land seismometers across the east coast of Nova Scotia, December was mostly quiet, which was much needed. Guralp has been working hard on identifying the causes of the resets, for which they have found plausible explanations that are easily fixed, and of the unscheduled surfacings, for which is a working hypothesis currently being tested in pressure tanks. Batch 3 instrument delivery has been delayed pending conclusions of these investigations, which we expect will lead to some minor design modifications of the Aquarius.

Thanks for your interest in the NFSI so far and Happy New Year!

Mladen and Graeme