NFSI Community Update - August 2021

Sep 3, 2021

by Mladen Nedimović

Dear Friends,

The NFSI related business has been accelerating during August. The first batch of 5 instruments arrived in Halifax on August 30. Customs Canada chose to inspect the container with our instruments so there will be a several days long delay and we will have to pay 1000 dollars to Customs Canada for their inspection before we can lay our hands on the instruments. The data for the acceptance tests for the second batch of 7 instruments is expected to arrive shortly because this batch of instruments needs to be shipped soon so that it can arrive on September 30. As I write this onboard R/V Marcus G. Langseth, cruising toward Seattle after a successful deployment of 28 US WHOI and LDEO BOBS for the Queen Charlotte Fault Project (see below the science and BOBS teams featured on the front page of the Ketchikan Daily News), Graeme is scrambling to align a ship and all else needed so that we can get trained and deploy our first 12 instruments on the Laurentian Slope sometime in October. Katie and I are grateful to the WHOI and LDEO BOBS teams here on Langseth as we are learning from the best. In other news, Yajing Liu, together with colleagues at Dal/NFSI, UQAM, and GSC submitted an NSERC ship time proposal for the Lower St. Lawrence Seaway, and Martha Savage, together with other New Zealand, uOttawa, and Dal/NFSI colleagues submitted an EQC proposal for the Hikurangi locked zone. Both projects plan to use NFSI BOBS.



Ketchikan Daily News front page - 2021-08-27 - research vessel collects seismic data